Product School Micro-Certifications Quiz and Exam Answers

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    Product Strategy Micro-Certification (PSC)™️1.   Which of the following are key aspects for aligning your Product Strategy? (Select all that apply)AnswersIncorporating long-term goals into daily operationsEnsuring your resources are aligned with your plansEnsure you clarify accountability in your planning 2.   What are the key elements of a well-defined Product Strategy?AnswerProduct Vision, Insights, Challenges, Approaches and Accountability 3.   Why is market analysis important in forming a Product Strategy? (Select all that apply)AnswersIt helps improve decision-makingIt allows for segmenting the market for targeted developmentIt increases revenue through product success and higher customer satisfactionIt helps understand market landscape for better decision-making 4.   What does OKRs stand for?AnswerObjectives and Key Results

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